National Mentorship Movement Entrepreneurship Centre.

We have partnered with The Start-up Tribe to form the National Mentorship Movement Entrepreneurship Centre.

Through the Centre, you will have access to a collection of world-class business courses to help you start or grow your business!  What I love about them is that they are:

  • Short – three to five minute segments of wisdom
  • Simple – no complex difficult language
  • Practical – you can apply the concepts immediately
  • Free – there is no cost!


Some of the courses include:

  • If you are thinking of starting a business
  • Ideas for businesses to start (ultra-micro-courses)
  • For small and growing businesses
  • For professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, etc)
  • For aspiring and small farmers
  • If you have been retrenched
  • Family Wisdom (advice from mothers and fathers about life)


Some of the courses are presented by members of the NMM community, some by other local and international experts – all uniformly knowledgeable and passionate about their topics.


We are proud to partner with The Startup Tribe in achieving our vision of enabling all South Africans to thrive and grow and theirs of helping 12,5 million people start and grow their businesses!

Here at THE NATIONAL MENTORSHIP MOVEMENT ENTREPRENEUSHIP ACADEMY, we have programmes for startups and professionals alike; we can help you gain customers and make business. Be sure to check out the courses on offer. They’re all FREE.

As of Feb 2022 we are active in 27 countries supporting 312 communities.

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Dave Wilson
CEO of National Mentorship Movement