Some do’s and don’ts for mentors

Do the following

  • Listen, clarify, understand
  • Establish expectations
  • Establish rapport through an authentic interest in your mentee
  • Once you have established rapport, begin to set clear goals, and track progress (modifying as appropriate)
  • Help mentee identify problems and solutions
  • Provide guidance based on past experiences
  • Be a role model in punctuality, sticking to deadlines, showing commitment
  • Create a positive relationship and climate of open communication and trust
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive
  • Share stories including mistakes
  • Solicit feedback from your mentee
  • Come prepared for each interaction
  • Provide positive reinforcement
  • Reach out to NMM and our International Coach Federation support

Do not do the following

  • Do your mentee’s work and take responsibility for what your mentee should be doing
  • Intervene too quickly with advice
  • Create a dependency
  • Make this about you – this is about your mentee
  • Expect your mentee to stroke your ego
  • Break trust
  • Get involved in your mentee’s personal problems – you are not a psychologist
  • Become involved personally with your mentee!
  • Become involved professionally if, e.g., your mentee wants to start or has a business!
  • Hang on when it is time to move on