Mentor endorsement

Mentor name: Zinhle Ngobeni
Industry Sector: Sales

At the beginning of this year, one of my goals was to become a mentor at the NMM and, thanks to my mentee match and partnership, I can proudly say I have achieved my goal. Being a mentor linked up well with my background in sales, where I teach and train individuals often. My open and honest relationship with my mentee created a space where he was able to approach me for advice that fostered partner accountability. Since partnering with my mentee and the NMM, I have learnt how to give advice impartially, volunteer for a good cause and create content to help someone be in a position to succeed.

Mentor name: Spiro Georgopoulos
Industry Sector: Business Executive

As a mentor, I have certainly enjoyed the NMM programme. The programme has proved to be a useful tool, especially when considering how a younger executive can be assisted. With my many years of experience. I was able to offer my mentee direction that is not readily available on the job or articulated well in business textbooks. I was also able to answer key questions and help solve problems in their work life. Thanks to the NMM programme, my mentee has achieved multiple goals from developing a plan for a clear career path to strategic planning and execution, and handling stress at work.