National Mentorship Movement is a non-profit organisation aimed at building a movement that allows every South African to prosper and grow through Mentorship – the Power of Two.

We connect volunteer mentors, who have experience and a willingness to contribute, with mentees who have a desire to thrive. Once we have matched a mentee with a suitable mentor, we help them foster a relationship of mutual trust through combining their skills and experience to transform the life of the mentee and, often, that of the mentor as well.

We define mentorship as:

A partnership and relationship between two (or more) people to achieve mutually agreed goals through the reciprocal sharing of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

Why mentorship?

Local and global research and our own experience shows that mentorship is often the difference between success and failure.

Why Mentorship – the Power of Two?

On the one hand, it refers to the two people in a mentorship relationship. On the other, it refers to the fact that people with a mentor are twice as likely to succeed as those without, as shown by various research findings.