Mentee endorsement

Mentee Name: Nokuthula Baloyi
Industry Sector: Business Student

Once I received my BCom in Accounting, it dawned on me that if I were to reap the rewards of my hard work, I would need guidance from someone who has been in my position, so I decided to join NMM. Through the NMM programme, I was fortunate to be assigned to Mr. Gareth Pike. He has monumental experience and has already reached all the goals I have set for myself. Gareth not only provided me with vocational guidance but, also drew from the personal lessons he has encountered in life to encourage me. Thus far, the NMM and my mentor’s guidance have proven to be invaluable and I have no doubt it will continue to be as I blaze my own path.

Mentee Name: Nhlanhla Cheze
Industry Sector: Business Owner

I was having challenges marketing my company and I was lacking the equipment to run it effectively. So, when I was matched with my mentor I told her about the issues I was having, and from that moment onwards she was extremely helpful and great to work with. The advice she has given me for my business has been great and because of her, I have an approved funding application from the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), for which she helped me to prepare a business profile. And, I have a professional letterhead that I can use to write proposals for my services. I have achieved a lot through her assistance and I'm looking forward to my journey with her and the NMM.

Mentee Name: Itumeleng Stephen
Industry Sector: Business Owner

I really wanted to grow my business and desperately needed some advice and that’s why I started the NMM programme. Thankfully, my mentor and I had a lot in common, he understood my background, goals and where I want to be. He was very invested in seeing my dreams come to pass and helped with advice concerning my business. He encouraged me to break new boundaries and invited me to be a part of a very wonderful initiative, Mentor A Boy Child organisation. The NMM is a very wonderful initiative that lets you meet, discuss and learn from the best in the industry. You get exposed to very valuable information that, if acted upon, can change your life almost immediately. I know I feel empowered and I would certainly recommend the NMM 100% of the time.