The National
Mentorship Movement
Entrepreneurship Centre

Free practical courses for phenomenal people
wanting to start or grow their businesses.

The National
Mentorship Movement
Entrepreneurship Centre

Free practical courses for phenomenal people
wanting to start or grow their businesses.


We have partnered with The StartUp Tribe to form the National Mentorship Movement Entrepreneurship Centre.

Through the Centre, you will have access to a collection of world-class business courses to help you start or grow your business!

What I love about them is that they are:

3 to 5 miinute segments of wisdom

No complex difficult language

You can apply the concepts immediately

There is no cost!

Some of the courses include:

Some of the courses are presented by members of the NMM community, some by other local and international experts - all uniformly knowleagable and passionate about their topics.

We are proud to partner with The StartUp Tribe in achieving our vision of enabling all South Africans to thrive and grow and helping 12.5 million people to start and grow their own businesses.

Dave Wilson
CEO of National Mentorship Movement

Considering Entrepreneurship?

If you're thinking about a different career path, perhaps you're jobless right now or you may have an idea for a brand new business? This is the site for you!

Here at THE NATIONAL MENTORSHIP MOVEMENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTRE, we have programmes for startups and professionals alike; we can help you gain customers and make business. Be sure to check out the courses on offer.

They're all FREE.

Ready to start?

Below are some of the most popular courses for you! Pick one that you feel is right for you now:

For existing entrepreneurs: the 14 Day Entrepreneurship Challenge

4.7 average rating (56 reviews)

This is a seemingly easy to do 14 days course comprised of daily thought challenges designed to help you


Find clients
& grow your business

5.0 average rating (20 reviews)

For professionals, entrepreneurs, startups and those who have lost their jobs who struggle to get commercial traction.


Understanding the
entrepreneurial lifecycle

4.7 average rating (33 reviews)

Inspired by the book called "Corporate Lifecycle" we applied that knowledge to the entrepreneurial lifecycle and mapped...


Demystifying Digital Tools

4.6 average rating (6 reviews)

This is a easy practical course for people who need to generate sales and leads online but are confused by the thousand...


How to deal with setbacks

4.0 average rating (5 reviews)

How to deal with difficult times. A course for every person on how to handle the inevitable setbacks that you will...


The 14 Day Startup Challenge

4.8 average rating (35 reviews)

An easy-to-do 14 day course with daily challenges, designed to help you shape for your new business.


The entrepreneurial brain: how to prepare and rewire your brain to be a more effective entrepreneur

Lessons from various fields of research and practice that you can apply to your startup and business to become a more...


Short Answers to your small Business Questions

Short courses to help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you to Do Good Business Better.


How to lower costs, increase profits and save the world while doing so

This is a course for all small business owners that are interested in lowering costs, increasing profits and saving the...