Mentee impact

Comments from some of our mentees on the impact on their businesses and lives:

  • “This mentoring partnership has impacted my business positively as my mentor [name] taught me new skills such as time management …. I have become more confident …. This has been a great experience and I was paired with a great mentor with a lot of knowledge”
  • “Starting up, it is great to have someone who takes an interest in you and your business to … give you some direction. ….My mentor [Name] looked through every aspect of the business that I had already setup. He helped me position it better for my target market… He also helped align my strengths to what services I should be offering in my business.”
  • “The value of having a mentor goes beyond professional development, it equally encompasses personal development. Having someone who understands the balance of providing career guidance, sharing knowledge on financial development and encourages critical thinking has been helpful and has encouraged me to apply a holistic approach …”
  • “Being in a mentoring partnership helped me take my passion and transform it into a business proposition with clear and measurable value. It gave me an insight on what the clients’ needs are and their perspective. …. I learnt how to properly differentiate between features and benefits…. Mentorship is key…”
  • “I have to admit this was the first time I have worked with a mentor, but what a difference it made to how I think about going forward with my [type of] business. Out of the box thinking was new to me, but it has given me great tools to use for the future.”
  • “My mentor helps me drive the business forward….. This partnership opened my eyes and made me see a different view in terms of rolling out the product…. My NMM mentor helped my business partner and I rethink the model, enabling us to redefine the business strategy… My mentor is so driven, he is always pushing my business partner and I to pick up speed.…. I am growing and my business is growing. Thank you NMM for making this possible.”