NMM partner testimonials

The following are extracts from the testimonials of some of our partners:

  • Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs – Regional Chapter Manager SA Michelle Yorke “…We are confident that the NMM business model can help achieve the needed support for the youth that will have a robust impact at scale.”
  • BUSA – Chief Executive Tanya Cohen “… Not only will the mentor-mentee relationship provide a personal basis for social cohesion, but it also provides a valuable mechanism to promote employment, enable the transfer of individualised demand-led skills and support sustainable enterprise development …”
  • EOH – Managing Director EOH Digital Glen Lumley “The program has the potential to contribute significantly to solving the unemployment crisis and changing lives for generations to come, while at the same time building bridges between people of different cultures and economic backgrounds.”
  • FCB Africa – Group Chief Executive Brett Morris “We believe that the NMM has shown how their model can fundamentally improve the economy of South Africa by tapping into the knowledge of successful South African business leaders and entrepreneurs.”
  • IQ Business – Chief Executive Officer Adam Craker “The National Mentorship Movement provides the opportunity to harness the exceptional business skills and experience we have in our country to support the development of SMMEs – to create economic growth through self-employment, entrepreneurialism and business development.”
  • Khulisa Social Solutions – Managing Director Lesley Ann van Selm “Khulisa … believe that their strategic approach in enhancing educational prospects for the youth of South Africa will result in profound impact on the lives of many thousands of young South Africans.”
  • Partners for Possibility – CEO and Founder Louise van Rhyn “By pairing the experience and knowledge of successful business people with the passion of South Africa’s thriving entrepreneurial talent, NMM is transforming South Africa’s economy.”
  • Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA)– Senior Manager: Programme Analysis, Development & Learning Andrew Bam “…through the use of the NMM platform greater social cohesion in South Africa can be achieved by allowing privileged individuals the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs from a disadvantaged background, creating empathy and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.”
  • University of the Witwatersrand – Director: The Entrepreneurial Wayz Wits Enterprise Chimene Chetty “… Their work is critical to the ecosystem to support the development needs of entrepreneurs on their journey to learning, growing and ultimate success.”