You as an individual

So what does it entail? You can typically expect to commit two to four hours per month over a year, and follow the following process.

Steps in detail

  • Register:
    Register here to be a mentor, mentee, or both:
  • Onboard:
    Following registration, we provide you with onboarding material on our Everwise platform.
  • Matching:
    • Once we have identified a match, we will send an email to the potential mentor with information about the mentee. If the mentor is happy, they will accept the match and indicate when they are available to meet.
    • We will email the mentee with information about the mentor, and if the mentee is happy, they will accept the match and one of the meeting times.
    • Now you can arrange to meet, then your partnership begins.
  • Complete the mentorship cycle
    • You will have access to further information on the platform to assist you with your first meeting and setting goals.
    • We recommend that you think of the cycle in different phases – getting to know one another and building trust, getting direction and setting goals, getting value and achieving the goals and wrapping up/closing.
    • Do not underestimate the importance of spending time getting to know one another at the beginning – the resulting trust will significantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of your relationship.
    • We will send you appropriate information throughout these phases, and very importantly we will send you regular surveys so you can let us know how it is going – please complete and return them so that we can assist you if needed.
    • In addition, please take full advantage of the Everwise platform to record your goals, upload documents, schedule meetings, chat via the chat line, participate in communities and search for information.