My mentor is a blessing

My mentor Anthea Oosthuizen is a blessing, the National Mentorship Movement programme came at the right time, and I highly recommend it.

Anthea Oosthuizen shows a genuine interest in my personal development. She listens attentively and assists me to think rationally about situations and aids me on how to approach situations from a level-headed perspective. She is the best person to bounce off my ideas with, express my opinions, and share my frustrations with, and she provides me with objective and constructive feedback. Since I met Anthea, not only have I grown in leadership skills, but my emotional intelligence and my communication skills have been strengthened. Furthermore, I have also gained new perspectives through her willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise in the field.

She is reliable, sticks to the scheduled meetings, I trust and value her input… She can give clear guidance on how to perform tasks or develop useful skills. Anthea assisted me with effective goal setting, tracking progress and staying focused, while providing feedback along the way.