Beautiful mentorship journey story

I would like to share my beautiful mentorship journey story with the NMM community. I was partnered with Mentor Tayla after I joined the National Mentorship Movement. From our 1st session, I knew that my success had just begun. Her approach has allowed me to be honest with her, including details of my personal life. I was free around her, when I started my path, I knew I wanted a business, but I just did not know where to start. She helped me with the following.

1. Business plan

2. Business registrations

3. Marketing strategies.

4. Helped me open a WhatsApp business account, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well as other necessary documents.

I am now the owner of KTIndustries PTY LTD because of my mentor, my clothing and textile business is booming because I was engaged with the most amazing mentor ever.